Winner - Sarah Diante

Behold the mighty Hartlepool women’s rugby kit, a true testament to the strength, courage, and passion of the team that wears it. At its centre, the famous stag (taken from the “Hart” in Hartlepool). It stands for the team’s agility and speed, a fierce force to be reckoned with on the field. The stag has angel wings, soaring upwards with a sense of freedom that speaks to the limitless potential of the team. The wings are a tribute to the Angel of the North (which was actually built in Hartlepool) and also the winged angel war memorial statue. You’ll also see waves in the design, representing a town by the sea. The bold red rugby ball on the sleeve and shorts symbolizes the fiery determination and unwavering spirit that drive the players to victory. The colour red represents courage and passion.
Together, the various elements come together to form an inspiring whole that is powerful yet graceful, just like a great team.