This is an opportunity to create a high performance innovative women’s kit at a time when the visibility of women in sport is becoming more and more significant. A kit is so much more than something you wear. It not only affects outward perceptions,it affects how the team feel about themselves. 

This is a creative opportunity, this kit is art.  Let’s reflect accessibility, innovation, art and science for performance, and culture in styling…and let’s see if we can make something iconic that promotes Hartlepool, its rugby teams and its women’s team in particular.

This will be a kit to covet.

Anyone can enter from the fashion designer to art student, professional or dabbler. If you have a great idea you can enter. The prize fund is £1000 for the successful design, plus £1000 towards an official female sports group of the winners choice (see info for details)


Up until the second World War, Women’s Rugby was seen as socially unacceptable, and it was common for this sport to be played in secret to avoid societal pressure and harassment. After the Second World War and the changes in perception of what a woman was allowed to be changed. Women’s Rugby really started taking root. Progress has been slow but persistent and in 2019 every member of the England Women’s Rugby team received full contracts, making them the first fully professional Women’s Rugby team in the world. England has been world leading in this and we know Women in Rugby is something to be celebrated, whatever level it may be on, and therefore we want to communicate, create and celebrate Hartlepool’s Ladies Rugby Team, find out who they are, as individuals as well as a team and tell their stories.

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